Ready built modules


JWA Systems has worked hard on many one-off projects. The result of this effort is a series of generic solutions that may be useful for others as well. Follows a list of candidates. Please contact us if you see something useful.


This module is designed to count closures of a switch or relay or open collector output such as exist in electrical power meters or gas volume meters. Any event that translates to a closure of a switch can be monitored though. The module interfaces to a PC by USB. It's electronics are optically isolated from the PC for optimal protection of the PC. For each input the number of pulses, the average pulse low / high time and the current state of the input are recorded. Data is retrieved through a DLL programming interface that interfaces with VB, C / C++, Matlab and others.


A module consisting of an ATMEL atmega32, a bluetooth module, and a 16 bits 8 input ADC. The module comes with a bootloader plus interface firmware and a DLL that allows for out of the box wireless measurements without any further programming. However, firmware can be uploaded to expand the capabilities to suit custom needs. The module uses a CR123 battery attached to the module.


Using this module, a Led matrix display can be built. It consists of a row and column driver to form a 20x10 matrix. Modules can be coupled to form larger matrices, currently upto 256x256 LED's. Communications run through a RS485 link at 500000 baud. Programming is done by sending simple commands that define a arbitrary sized rectangle of data in the whole matrix. This is the cheapest way to built large pixelsize (2'') LED displays. Construction details on request.